Easter Break Activity 2018

To sum up Easter Break in April 2018, the committee prepared team-building activities that the society engaged in! We have divided the participants into two teams in which they had to compete against each other, accumulating points by winning in a game of Laser Tag as well as Scavenger Hunt!

Laser Tag We went to Laser Quest Sheffield for our first activity! Though tiring, it was indeed an exciting experience. We didn't really take a lot of pictures as it was hectic once we were in the battlezone (that, or everyone was just so kiasu). Team 1 yielded 10 points for winning the game while Team 2 yielded 5 points.

We then had lunch together at Nando's! Several minutes into taking our seats outside, we realised there were a lot of adolescent girls spazzing at our direction. Whispers of "He's there! He's there!" were also heard. We were confused for a good 5 minutes until we realised we were sitting right behind Jacob Sartorius. Anyway...

Scavenger HuntThen, we headed…

Khatam Ceremony 2018

On Saturday, 10th March 2018, the BruSheff Society took part in Khatam Ceremony in accordance with the 34th National Day of Brunei Darussalam. The event was held in Leicester. At the end of the ceremony was an open discussion session between the UPP and attending students. We thought this session was quite useful as it allowed students to raise any enquiries, concerns or problems they are facing either personally, or within the society. Huge thanks to BruLeics Society and other parties involved in organising such a fruitful ceremony!

We then proceeded to explore the city centre, had lunch together and then explored a bit more!

Pictures by courtesy of Danial Zainal

National Day Hike 2018

On Saturday, 24th February 2018, BruSheff went to the Peak District and climbed Win Hill in accordance with Brunei Darussalam's 34th National Day!

Despite the freezing cold weather, Alhamdulillah we still managed to make it through. Upon reaching the peak, all of us sang the National Anthem together as a tradition and took loads of pictures with the Brunei flag. We also received questions from locals about Brunei to which we gladly elaborated about.